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This is another family favorite! This dip is perfect for snacking on fresh vegetables, chips or crackers. I LOVE this dip on a baked potato – some like to dip chicken and pizza in it! Please SEE the NOTES below!

2 C. Hellmann’s Mayonnaise
2 – possibly 3 Tablespoons Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® Seasoning & Salad Dressing Mix
1 – possibly 2 Teaspoons Dry Italian Salad Dressing Mix

Combine mayonnaise with ranch and Italian dressings – mixing well until smooth. Chilling at least 1 hour is best; it allows the flavors to blend – BUT – most of the time mine never has a chance to chill! Serve with assorted vegetables, chips, crackers or whatever your fancy may be!


You will notice in the ingredients I put possibly – This means – you do you! I tend to like things a little saltier than others – you mix it and taste it, add more or less to suit your taste!

This dip will last a few weeks in the fridge in a sealed container. We use it so much I keep a container in my fridge and just keep adding to it.

Recipe By: Kim Wallace ♥ Smile & Enjoy ♥

Happy Birthday Grant

Hello Everyone, I hope your day is going well! As I mentioned in my about me page not only will I share recipes BUT you would get a glimpse into my crazy beautiful life – I guess today is the day that will start!

First Family Member in the spotlight will be my Son Grant as today is his Birthday! We were so blessed 19 years ago when you unexpectedly came into our lives BUT what a blessing you have been! You made Mothering Easy! I’m very proud to call you SON! Hope you have a Wonderful Day ♥ Happy Birthday Grant!

We will celebrate Grant’s birthday with his choice of meals — Pizza and Wings! Sounds Easy Enough! STAY TUNED for the Wing Recipe!  Until then Have a Great Day Everyone! ♥ Bye for Now ♥