Take time to Enjoy the Little Things in Life ♥

My Sunflowers are so Beautiful – I had to Snap a Picture

Finding Beauty in the Summertime…

Sunshine and blue skies are a natural mood enhancer!! Summer is in full swing and there is natural beauty everywhere! I hope you can make time to look at it and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us!

Just a few Summer things that make me Smile and Bring a Sense of Peace and Happiness…

On our plantation a Cup of Coffee at sunrise with the birds chirping and the rooster crowing their morning greetings – there is nothing more peaceful…The beautiful sunflowers who came up all by themselves next to my bird feeder filled with 10-15 yellow finches all fighting for a breakfast spot! My hummingbirds buzzing back and forth between feeders…The sound of my pond trickling with water and the occasional croaking of my frog! The wildlife we see almost daily is amazing!! The Momma deer and her babies as they walk through our yard eating at the vegetation and berries as they go! Squirrels at my feeder, even ornery Raccoons who get into everything!

As evening falls, we are blessed with beautiful sunsets – occasionally I get the chance to sit and ponder about my day and how blessed I am…♥️

My Family – My Husband who Never Stops – My Children and Grandchildren.   Being able to Live in the country and having my Parents and Brother and his family live right across the road from me.  Just knowing they are there brings closeness and comfort!  I have so many Blessings in Life to be Thankful For! 

♥ Smile and Enjoy your Day ♥


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